Point of Interest Images

Point of Interest Images

Point of Interest images are the most effective way to convey your product or service. Magazine quality images are critically important, especially in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Authentic images for your website and social media campaigns that present your service or product in its best light will go a long way in inspiring on-line shoppers to learn more.

My award winning architectural and landscape photographs has been a significant differentiator for clients when choosing a Google Street View photographer. The images I take are owned by the business. They are high-quality images that can be used on-line or print.  A value ad that benefits my client.

The method I use for each POI is called HDR or High-Dynamic-Range imagery. HDR is a post-processing technique that requires a series of photographs of identical shots taken at different levels of exposure. Once the images have been blended together through a process called “tone mapping,” they produce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible using standard digital imaging.

Whether I am photographing architectural or landscape images for a world renowned fine art gallery, museum, apartment complex or a local salon my method and goal is the same. To produce and develop high-quality images that stand out online or in print.

Below are a few of my favorite..