Fine Art

I see Fine Art photography as something that elicits an emotion. My goal in my fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion. Just getting started with capturing what I consider Fine Art photography.  Enjoy working with different levels of light and shadows. Goal is to mix a variety of emotion. Creating a thought-provoking image that solicits emotion from the viewer.

Although I do not consider the images below to be “Fine Art” they do however exhibit some of the characteristics I am looking for in a Fine Art photo shoot. Grace, muscle tone, shadows, lights, and passion/energy. Beauty of the female body. I particularly like how the lighting in the first image accent parts of the model and scene. Going forward, more emphasis will be on silhouette style images in low lighting and possible hard light behind model. That will accent natural curves and muscle tone.

While I have thoughts and mental images of the shoot that include poses and lighting effects. My expectation is that the model will have her own creative ideas that we can incorporate in the shoot.



George Randy Bass