Aerial Photography & Video

Aerial photographs and video’s make an extremely effective marketing tool for your business. Advantage of aerial photographs over conventional ground level photographs and videos include the following.

  • Permits far greater viewing area and angle of view that far exceeds ground level imagery.
  • A unique angle of view grabs the attention of the viewer.
  • Aerial image can clearly communicate property boundaries.
  • Provides a clear view of the proximity of local parks, highways, restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

An aerial view is sometimes the only way to capture your entire building and property in a single photograph. Display your business with an aerial image on brochures and reports, on websites and at trade shows. A matted and framed enlargement makes an impressive touch in the lobby. Also, with our services you can display a high-quality video of your business from a new perspective. Clients like car dealerships, resorts, downtown development organizations, golf courses are a few prime examples.

These factors enable the viewer to make a more informed decision to call, visit and invest in your business. Whether you are building, selling, leasing, or renting.