Beaufort Lifestyle Photo Shoot

A lifestyle photography shoot in Beaufort NC. A charming town in Carteret County, NC. Established in 1713 Beaufort is the fourth oldest town in NC. A delightful seaside town named by Travel + Leisure as “America’s Favorite Town” among other accolades. 


  • Hanna Taylor
  • Jordan Holt

Product and décor photos are not enough to gain the trust and business of your customers. Lifestyle photography depict one person, or a larger group in a life-related activity. Images that can personalize your brand, connect with customers, and enhance your business materials. Lifestyle photography captures people in natural and relaxed real-life environments.  These photos add a human connection, a personal, touch and mindset, that looks fun and inviting. “I want to vacation, shop, play, eat and stay there!

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A blend of lifestyle images and short videos tell a story that will inspire on-line viewers to learn more about your product, service or destination.