Destination Property Multimedia Marketing

When marketing an exclusive destination, you are promoting more than features and an address, you are promoting a lifestyle. Marketing materials should do more than just show details of the property.

According to the Wall Street Journal, on-line destination shoppers spend 60% of their time looking at photographs and videos and just 20% reading the description. Do your images trigger an emotion? Do they excite the consumer? Is the video engaging? Could you picture yourself visiting the property? And of greatest importance, does the video make the consumer want to book a stay?

Resort type owners and managers that are looking to attract upwardly mobile clientele understand that while cost has some weight, these travelers are primarily looking for adventure, scenery, and a variety of activities.  

Marketing efforts going forward should include lifestyle images  and videos that help the consumer to identify with the destination.

2 Minute Destination Overview Video

Relevant and engaging hotel videos are proven ways to reach potential guests. In fact, Google discovered that 56% of people traveling on business, and 35% of those on pleasure trips, interacted at some point with hospitality-related videos.

Videos convey a huge amount of information in little time. Making it a great way to showcase who you are and what your destination has to offer. Many luxury travelers are seeking more authentic experiences when they travel, mixing luxury with adventure, scenery, food, and culture.

A Destination Overview Video Will Showcase Standout Features.

With an average shot length of under 3 seconds, videos provide a highlight reel of different rooms, amenities, and local attractions. Video is a particularly effective way to sell hotel meeting space to Millennial event planners — 48% of this generation only watch videos on their mobile device.

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle photography depict one person, or a larger group in a life-related activity. Images that can serve an important role in business to personalize your brand, connect with customers, and enhance your business materials. Lifestyle photography captures people in natural and relaxed real-life environments. These photos add a human connection and context to your professional business imagery. Product and décor photos are not enough to gain the trust and business of your customers. Professional lifestyle photographs create a personal, touch and mindset, that looks fun and inviting. “I want to vacation, shop, play, eat and stay there!”

Point Of Interest Photographs

The most effective way to convey the stay experience. Photos are critically important to a hotel website, especially in today’s hyper-competitive hotel marketplace. It is hard to sell rooms online without quality, authentic images that present a property in its best light.

Magazine quality images should be captured at the following locations:

  • Guest rooms
  • Hotel or property exterior
  • Facilities pool, restaurant, fitness area, meeting, and event spaces.
  • Lobby and common areas
  • Images that highlight your property’s location. Stunning coastline at your doorstep, an iconic shot of the neighborhood, the nearby theme park, popular restaurants, boardwalk, shopping district…

Aerial photographs and videos

Aerial photographs and video’s make an extremely effective marketing tool for your business. Advantage of aerial photographs over conventional ground level photographs and videos include the following.

  • Permits far greater viewing area and angle of view that far exceeds ground level imagery.
  • A unique angle of view grabs the attention of the viewer.
  • Aerial image can clearly communicate property boundaries.
  • Provides a clear view of the proximity of local parks, highways, restaurants, shops, and entertainment.