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Creating exceptional marketing tools that combine the power of Google Street View technology and Google Photo Spheres with interactive high-impact technologies. Client interactive tools for your business,  your park, your museum, your community or your destination property.

Google Business Views takes advantage of the same Street View technology used in streets around the world – for businesses. I have created Google Business Views for more than 1,000 businesses. Including medical offices, parks, downtown districts, art galleries, museums, retail shops, hotels, schools, golf courses, and automobile dealerships…. almost any type of business that has a physical address and provides a customer business interaction.  There is simply no more efficient way to attract on-line guests.

Google Street View,  Google Photo Spheres,  Content Rich Views with Overlays, enable highly interactive virtual tours for parks, downtown districts, destination properties, art galleries, museums, retail shops, hotels, schools, golf courses, and automobile dealerships…, almost  any type of organization or business that has a physical address and provides a customer interaction.





Ben Ham Images, Charleston, SC

A full time fine art landscape photographer, Ben Ham works exclusively with a wooden field camera capturing images on black and white sheet film. Driven by a passion for exploring the great outdoors, his subjects range from the Lowcountry of the South Carolina coast to the high altitudes of the Rockies, from the buttes and mesas of the Southwest to the Pacific Coast.

Take a Google Street View Tour of Ben Ham Images

Ben Ham Images offset 2560 cover A sml


 Point of Interest Photographs

Google removed the requirement that Google Street View | Trusted photographers take a minimum of 10 Point of Interest (POI) photographs for each client.  I imagine that one reason for removing this requirement was the inconsistent quality of the images. Unlike the panoramic images, Google did not provide a process for capturing or enhancing POI images.

My award winning architectural and landscape photographs has been a significant differentiator for clients when choosing a Google Street View photographer. The images I take are owned by the business. They are high-quality images that can be use on-line or print.  A value ad that benefits my client.

The method I use for each POI is called HDR or High-Dynamic-Range imagery. HDR is a post-processing technique that requires a series of photographs of identical shots taken at different levels of exposure. Once the images have been blended together through a process called “tone mapping,” they produce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible using standard digital imaging.

Whether I am photographing architectural or landscape images for a world renowned fine art gallery, museum, apartment complex or a local salon, my method and goal is the same. To produce and develop high-quality images that stand out online or in print.

Below are a few of my favorite.

Point of Interest George Randy Bass (39)
NC Museum of Art A-2
Point of Interest George Randy Bass (38)
Mary Martin Fine Art
Paul Mitchell The School (2)
NC Museum of Art
Massey Toyota (10)
Fusion POI (15)
NC Museum of Art (2)
Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry POI (3)
Robert Lange Studios (6)
Dorman Cadillac GMC (7)
Robert Lange Studios (7)
Family Eye Care POI (4)
Family Eye Care POI (1)
Dorman Cadillac GMC (5)
Charles R Ullman Associates
NC Museum of Art 2
Capital Sign Solutions POI (20)
Capital Sign Solutions POI (13)
Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry POI (7)
Capital Sign Solutions POI (12)
Capital Sign Solutions POI (6)
Fusion POI (12)
Capital Sign Solutions POI (4)
Ben Ham Images (6)-2ab
Anglin Smith Fine Art (5)