Description of a Lifestyle Model

A lifestyle model represents a relatable and authentic image of everyday life in promotional and advertising content. Lifestyle models are chosen for their ability to convey natural, candid, and genuine emotions and actions. They often engage in various activities that reflect real-life scenarios, such as shopping, exercising, socializing, or relaxing, to create a connection with the audience.

The goal of a lifestyle model is to embody the experiences, emotions, and stories that resonate with viewers, making the products, services, or environments appear attainable and desirable. They are typically characterized by their approachable and energetic presence, making them relatable to a broad audience.

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Casting Call: Physically Fit Model for Lifestyle Experience Video

Age Range: 18-32 years old
Type: Physically fit
Project Title: The Lifestyle Experience

Project Description:

We are seeking a physically fit model to star in “The Lifestyle Experience,” a dynamic 2-minute video that will bring to life the various amenities and experiences guests can enjoy while visiting a destination property located near the beach. The video will feature models engaging in activities such as fishing from the pier, relaxing in a room, launching a kayak, lounging by the pool, running on the beach, grilling on the outdoor patio, and more. These scenes will be combined with short video clips (5-8 seconds each) and still images to create an engaging visual story.

Duration and Scope:

  • Extended On-Site Capture: 5 days on-site shooting to ensure comprehensive coverage. Focus on capturing both video and still imagery that reflect the serene environment and premium amenities.
  • Dynamic Lifestyle Representation: Employing two models to create authentic lifestyle images and videos, showcasing the various activities and amenities available to guests.

Content Creation and Enhancement:

  • Content Integration for Richer Narratives: Incorporate newly captured content into the initial draft videos to refresh and elevate the narrative, making it more compelling.
  • Social media and Marketing Integration: Still images obtained during video shoots will be curated for use across social media platforms and websites, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence.

Final Deliverable and Impact:

  • Comprehensive Promotional Package: A dynamic 2-minute highlight video alongside enriched versions of the initial videos.
  • Enhanced Guest Attraction: By vividly portraying the amenities, tranquil ambiance, and the allure of the inn, the final deliverables aim to amplify the market appeal and attract a broader audience.

Value Proposition:

This project offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate the marketing strategy, connecting with potential guests on an emotional level and showcasing the unique lifestyle experience they can expect at this resort. The addition of lifestyle imagery and video content is proven to significantly enhance engagement, drive bookings, and increase overall satisfaction by allowing viewers to envision themselves enjoying all that the resort has to offer.


The project involves on-site video and image captures, content creation and enhancement, and strategic integration into social media and marketing efforts. Ultimately, it aims to amplify the inn’s market appeal and attract a broader audience by vividly portraying the unique experiences offered.

Looking for Creativity and Energy Over Experience:

We value creativity and energy over experience. If you bring enthusiasm and a dynamic presence, we want to hear from you! This is an exciting opportunity to develop and demonstrate your creative side. You will play a significant role in the production and development of our project, contributing your unique ideas and energy to create authentic and engaging content. Your involvement will be integral to bringing the vision to life and enhancing the overall narrative with your creativity and passion.

How to Apply:

Please send your portfolio, headshots, and a brief introduction about yourself to . Include any relevant experience in lifestyle modeling or similar projects.

We look forward to seeing your application and potentially working together to bring this exciting project to life!